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Runner Height Adjuster 150

Runner Height Adjuster 150

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Why Buy From Desks for Backs
    1. Runner Height Adjuster 150

    2. Runner height adjuster for monitors for the standesk pro memory desk converter desks for backs
    3. The Runner Height Adjuster 150 allows for the vertical adjustment of your monitor screen to suit your desired ergonomic position.
    4. We have released a height adjustment mechanism that will quickly change the height of the monitor being used to a more ergonomic height when used by different people in your a hot desk.

    1. The Runner Height Adjuster 150 allows for 150mm of vertical travel of your monitor quickly and easily.
    2. To adjust the height of the monitor, lift the Runner Height Adjuster 150 to the desired height position using the inbuilt ratchet system. To reset, lift the Runner Height Adjuster 150 up to the highest point until you hear a click and it will re-set: at this point the monitor will drop free once the top position is reached, so please hold the monitor firmly.

    1. This valuable add on enables different people using the computer to adjust the monitor height as they please. It connects to the Vesa bracket and to the rear of the monitor.

    1. The Runner Height Adjuster 150 is finished in a Space Grey, Anodised Aluminium finish and the kit includes all of the screws, and directions to make the change yourself.
    2. - Perfect for ‘hot desks’ where the correct height can be reached quickly and easily.
    3. - 150mm vertical travel via the inbuilt ratchet system.
    4. - Set by lifting incrementally to the desired position.
    5. - Reset by lifting to a highest position where it will unlock and drop freely to the lowest point.
    6. - Finished in ‘space grey’ anodised aluminium.
    7. - Kit includes fixtures and directions to attach with ease to the Vesa bracket/rear of the monitor.