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Why Gregory?

We are innovators, we are leaders, we are design award winners, creating industry leading ergonomics through research. Our technology will improve your business and protect your most valuable asset, your people.


Ordinary char Gregory dual density posture support
Ordinary chair Gregory Dual Density Posture Support
Ordinary chair temperature 33.4 degrees Gregory chair temperature 34.3 degrees
Ordinary chair temperature 33.4° Gregory chair temperature 34.3°

Thermographs above show surface temperatures to indicate the difference in blood flow in the body over a period of time in a Gregory chair compared to an ordinary chair.

Gregory ergonomic seat technology benefits


  •  Improves users posture
  •  Healthy ‘S’ curve in the spine is maintained
  •  Reduced pressure on the spine
  •  Improved circulation


  •  Concentration due to increased oxygen levels
  •  Productivity and morale as staff are more comfortable
  •  Profitability due to less absenteeism
  •  Lifestyle and general wellbeing associated with a healthy back


  •  Injuries due to pressure on the spine
  •  Fatigue caused by poor posture
  •  Insurance claims

Posture support technology how it works

posture support technology how it works


Gregory ergonomic seat technologies

At Gregory we understand that one seat does not fit everybody, which is why we invest heavily in research and development to create the best possible seat technologies in a range of different sizes to fit the MyChair™ range.

DUAL DENSITY posture support


  •  Our story began in the mid 1980’s when physiotherapist and company founder, Peter Gregory, was commissioned by Colgate-Palmolive to investigate injuries in the office workplace. Peter Gregory’s findings led to patenting the award winning Gregory seat design Dual Density Posture Support. Dual Density features firmer foam in the front half of the seat and softer foam in the back half.
  •   The separation of the two foam densities is indicated by the split. The pelvis gently ‘sinks’ and is supported in the softer section in the correct seating position at the back of the chair.
  •   Firmer foam at the front discourages the pelvis from sliding forward into the slouching “C” curve of poor posture.
  •   The moulded foam also encourages and improves blood circulation behind the thighs. With the added height adjustable lumbar support the spine is maintained in the healthy, upright “S” curve of good posture which also creates less stress on the arms, shoulders and neck throughout the day.
  •  Dual Density Posture Support System, has been recognised by ergonomists and occupational health and medical professionals as providing a superior seating solution for improved office efficiency.

Alternative MyChair™ ergonomic seat technologies


  •  Back of the seat is contoured so you sit into the seat
  •  Pommel at the front to direct the legs in the correct position
  •  Waterfall at the front of the seat to reduce pressure under the thighs
  •   Anti-bacterial molded foam

Gregory MyChair™ program

At Gregory, we believe that one size does not fit all, hence we have designed the Gregory MyChair™ program, an ergonomic solution that enables you to build your own chair to suit your specific needs.

How does it work? Simply select the back style to suit your back shape, select the back height that supports you, select an ergonomic seat technology and your individual seat size, then choose any accessories to build your very own Gregory MyChair™.

Construct A Chair

Veiw the Construct A Chair collection


Build your own Gregory chair though Desks for Backs. Customise a chair to suit you! Click here to CONSTRUCT A CHAIR.




Shop our Express Chairs made to order within 48 hours

Standard Configuration: Dual Density Seat, 3 Lever Mechanism, 140mm Gas, Plastic Base, Free Wheeling Castor

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MyChair™ Features

  • Australian made
  • 3 lever mechanism
  • AFRDI 142 – Rated Load - 160kg MS certified *
  • Height adjustable anti-slip ratchet back
  • Dual Density Posture Support seat technology
  • 5 star nylon base
  • Small, medium or large seat *
  • Height adjustable arms
  • Seat technology
    • Tri-Tek Pressure Reduction Technology™
    • Deluxe
  • Seat slide mechanism
  • Gas heights
    • 100mm
    • 140mm
    • 200mm
  • 5 star aluminium base
  • Castors
    • Soft tyre castors
    • Friction castors
    • Glides
  • Heavy duty kit *
  • Drafting footring *

View or download the Gregory MyChair™ Desks for Backs PDF below.

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